When it comes to beauty products, we often decide between saving or splurging but these products take the word ‘splurge’ to a whole new level.

We’ve found some of the most expensive beauty basics and if you’re feeling left out, just add diamonds to your existing make-up to feel like a million dollars. We’ll start with the “cheapest” items first.

The face cream: La Mer R2550 for 30ml or R29 999 for 500ml

It has been rumoured that some supermodels use this as a body lotion! In that case, opting for the 500ml for R29 990 might be a better option. And no it’s not made of unicorn tears, it is made using minerals from the ocean and transformed into something called Miracle Broth.

la mer expensive beauty

The make-up brush set: R9300

The Kevin Aucoin Essential Makeup Brush Set promises that with these tools you’ll be looking like a make-up professional in no time. Each brush is handcrafted (at R9300, we should hope so!).

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makeup brush set expensive beauty

The lipstick: Guerlain Kiss Kiss, R840 000

And no that isn’t a typo. This lipstick comes in a 199 diamond encrusted case and you can buy lipstick refills for it, so that hefty price tag would be a once-off cost. The case is made of 18 carat solid gold!

lipstick expensive beauty

The nail polish: Azature R3 383 625

Azature is a nail polish brand loved by the rich and famous because it contains real black diamonds. This type can only be applied by a select few as it needs to be applied in a certain way.

nail polish expensive beauty

The mascara: H. Couture Beauty, R190 000 000

This was actually born out of client’s custom request and is encrusted in 2500 blue diamonds! But it does come with a free lipstick, so there’s that.

mascara expensive beauty