Choosing a coat in winter isn’t always easy. Follow these top tips to make things simpler.

A beautiful coat is a must-have in any wardrobe. But how do you ensure that you select the right one? Follow these tips to choose the perfect coat for you.

Focus on the fit

The perfect coat needs to fit well. If it’s too tight, you won’t be able to wear it with winter layers. But if it’s too loose, you’ll look frumpy. You should go for a coat that sits well on your shoulders but lets you move and lift your arms freely. In addition, the sleeves should sit just at your wrist and the coat should skim over your curves.

If a coat doesn’t quite fit and you are in love with it, think about whether it could be adjusted with some clever tailoring.

Consider fabric

Coats need to be long-lasting and durable. You’ll definitely need to opt for a fabric that is low maintenance, easy to care for and will withstand the elements. Fabrics such as faux suede, melton, tweed and wool are all good choices. Be sure to look at the lining as well – the lining will help to absorb sweat which prevents the coat itself from sweat-stains and odours.

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Say yes to the shape

The cut of a coat is a key consideration. Longer length coats are the most flattering and versatile. When it comes to styles, double breasted and military styles are a good choice if you want to enhance your bust. But if you’re endowed with an ample bosom look for a single-breasted style instead. Straight cut and A-line coats such as trench coats are flattering on most figure types.

Let’s talk colour

Coats are usually investment pieces that are generally worn for years. Thus going for a neutral colour is a smart choice. Black, grey, beige and navy are practical choices as they hide stains well and suit any outfit. If you’re looking to make a statement consider an eye-catching option such as cobalt, red or yellow.