Whether it is one day a week, once a month or once in a while, it is so important to reconnect

When it comes to life, the ‘juggle is real’. Work commitments, household responsibilities and social obligations are enough to keep us hustling and bustling around the clock. Throw one or two kids into the mix, and it’s no wonder that we sometimes forget to pay (much needed) attention to our spouse or partner.

Some days, all my husband and I manage to talk about is that never-ending to-do list, what’s for dinner and our kids’ poop (yes, really). It’s go!, go!, go! from the minute our alarm clock goes off in the morning to the moment we flop into bed at night. There’s a kiss here and an ‘I love you’ there – but other than that, we’re both pretty focused on our roles in the life we’ve chosen to build together.

Not very romantic, I know.

Which is why date night for me is a must.

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Date night is a must in any relationship!

Whether it is one day a week (who am I kidding?), once a month (we sometimes get this right) or once in a while (usually more achievable), it’s so important for us to reconnect.

Our usual date night go-to is dinner and a movie, but lately I’ve been craving something ‘more’. Coincidentally, an e-mail from the Royal Palm Hotel situated on Umhlanga Ridge recently landed in my inbox, providing me with much-needed date night inspo. The mail detailed the benefits of using a hotel as a date night option – something I hadn’t even considered doing, because the word hotel (at least for me) is usually synonymous with ‘expensive’ and ‘holiday’.

But, the e-mail got me thinking…

Why should we wait for a holiday or special occasion to escape the ‘chug’ of everyday life? Also, have you seen the price of movie tickets and a decent plate of food lately? You might as well skip a few date nights (which, if you’re anything like us, is not difficult to do), save up and splurge on a date night in a hotel.

Here are a few benefits of using a hotel as a date night option…

The benefits of using a hotel as a date night option

1. A quick escape

A hotel near to home will still allow you to stay over and get to your normal life the next day – whether it is the school drop-offs on a weekday, or getting ahead of the traffic on your way to work, or simply enjoying some Saturday morning shopping.

2. Dinner, a romantic stay over and the opportunity for a full night’s sleep

There is the option of having dinner, followed by a romantic stay over with your partner, ensuring some much-needed time together. You are able to wine, dine and slumber in style!

They had me at “a full night’s sleep”…

3. Ditch the distractions

Staying in a hotel for a night sets the perfect scene to re-ignite your sex life, as the change in environment can help you reconnect. You are also able to be more focussed on your partner as there are no distractions (aka kids) around you.

4. A chance to ‘dress up’

Going to a hotel for a date night will also encourage you to dress up (no, not jeans) for the occasion. Dressing up gives a great self-esteem boost – and if you’re anything like me, the opportunity to do so just doesn’t come round often enough.

5. A date night that doesn’t end at midnight. Yes please!

You are able to wine and dine, and not have to worry about driving home. You can then retreat to your room after a good dinner and wake the next morning to room-service or a spread of breakfast in the restaurant, which is usually on offer at most hotels.

A date night that doesn’t end at midnight… yes please!