Last updated on Aug 27th, 2019 at 12:49 pm

No one wants dry, flaky skin, which is why these natural remedies for dry skin should be at the top of your ‘winter reads’ list…

Whether you suffer from dry skin all year round or the cold, dry winter air is sapping any and all moisture from your being, there’s no denying the fact that few things make us feel more drab than flaky skin.

While you could spend a pretty penny on a range of lotions and potions to put some moisture back into your skin, there are a few super easy natural remedies for dry skin that should do the trick – and the bonus is that you probably have most of the products in your pantry already!

Bid farewell to those steaming hot showers

Yes, it’s cold and yes, a super-hot shower can change your life – but it also dehydrates your skin and strips away all the natural oils. As hard as it may be, resist the urge to turn up that temperature and keep the water lukewarm; your skin will thank you.

Moisturise while moist

Body creams and moisturisers are actually designed to lock in moisture, so lend them a helping hand by lathering up while you’re still damp. Pat your face and body slightly dry and then get to work; the extra bit of water will make all the difference.

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Try a little honey, honey

Not only is honey a great natural moisturiser, it’ll also help your skin lock in that essential moisture, and since it’s loaded with many vitamins and minerals, it’ll work wonders for your skin in general. Ten minutes before showering, apply honey all over your skin (or focus on those dry areas) and then rinse off. You’ll be amazed at the difference, so we recommend making this a regular part of your beauty regime.

Loco for coco(nut)

Adding to our list of natural remedies for dry skin is coconut oil: the holy grail of natural beauty products, and its list of uses is pretty endless. Swap your regular body lotion or face cream for coconut oil and apply as you regularly would. The good news is that coconut oil can be used on sensitive skin and on sensitive areas, so get ready to bid that dry skin farewell for good. It has been known to block pores, so if your skin is acne prone, avoid putting it on your face.

Got milk?

Milk has both soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, and the lactic acid in it exfoliates the skin while helping with dry, itchy areas. It also helps even your complexion, so it’s a win all round. Soak a face cloth in milk and place over dry areas of your skin, allowing it to soak in. Yoghurt can also be used, and since it has a thicker consistency, you can apply it as a mask directly to the dry areas.

Add some aloe

Aloe vera is another secret weapon in the beauty world and is great at giving relief to dry areas. Look for creams with a high content of aloe vera, or get yourself an aloe vera plant, squeeze out the gel from the leaves and mask up.

Use that humidifier

Heaters and fireplaces in the home further dry out that already dry winter air, so add some of that moisture back in with a humidifier. Put it on in your bedroom so that your skin can soak in the extra moisture while it recovers while you’re sleeping. Humidifiers also keep nasal passages moisturised and soothe inflammation so you’re less likely to get sick – bonus!