We’ve all been there: just when you think you’ve mastered this parenting thing, your toddler goes and changes things on you…

Last week they slept through the night, this week you’re so sleep deprived you put your car keys in the fridge. Yesterday they loved chicken and mealies, today it makes them weep. Three hours ago you could change their nappy no problems, now they’ll lie still for 30 seconds and then they’re off, running down the passage with a nappy half off (probably screaming with delight).

Changing a toddler’s nappy is a very different experience to changing a baby’s nappy. In honour of all those parents who have done it countless times and survived, here are a few thoughts you’ve probably had if you’ve tried to change a toddler’s nappy, brought to you by Game Baby (and if you’re looking for great baby deals on everything from nappies to nursery furniture, click here to see Game’s latest deals).

1. No one told me parenting would involve this much wrestling

What is it about a nappy change that turns a toddler into a champion WWE wrestler? We would admire those sneaky moves they pull to try and escape if we weren’t focusing on not getting poo everywhere.

2. How does this toddler have the strength of 10 men?

The same toddler who yesterday couldn’t walk 3m from the shops to the car is suddenly the strongest creature in the universe. How is this possible?

The same toddler who yesterday couldn’t walk 3m from the shops to the car is suddenly the strongest creature in the universe.

3. Will society judge me if I cry?

No, you go ahead and have a good cry. It will make you feel better (but you’ll still have to change that nappy afterwards!).

4. I will consider this a success if no one gets poop on them

You might find yourself asking how life has come to this, where you measure success by whether you get poop on yourself (or your walls). Our advice: try not to think about it too much.

5. When is it OK to start bribing my child with chocolate?

Yes we know that sugar isn’t good for kids, yes we know that bribing your kids isn’t a great long-term parenting strategy, but we just need to survive this nappy change right now!

6. How has a nappy become something so complicated?

There’s nothing like a squirming toddler to turn a previously simple nappy into something with tabs that keep sticking to the wrong spots, backs that keep sliding down and something that you can’t get tight enough no matter what.

7. How can I make this easier???

We like to take a three-pronged approach to changing a toddler’s nappy:

  • Be as prepared as possible – have everything waiting and ready to go when you change. Don’t waste precious time unscrewing cream lids or opening wipe packets.
  • Distraction, distraction, distraction – channel your inner entertainer and get ready to be as silly as possible.
  • Use nappy pants – life’s too short to struggle every time you need to change a nappy! Nappy pants are so much easier and quicker to get on. They even allow you to change your toddler’s nappy while standing, which many toddlers prefer.

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