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A winter wedding is beautiful and romantic but downright difficult to dress for. Look fabulous by following these tips…

Getting dressed for a wedding requires a stylish outfit and carefully selected accessories, but dressing for a winter wedding is a little more complicated. Try these tips to ensure you look the part and still stay warm.

Love some layers

No winter look is complete without layers. Thus, it’s essential that your winter wedding ensemble features a warm base layer to keep the cold out. Your best bet is to opt for thin layers that fit snuggly on your skin such as thermals. You can also opt for shapewear to flatter your figure at the same time.

Go for a romantic look

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This season sees several rich, romantic fabrics on trend. These include velvet, fur faux and lace – perfect for a winter wedding. In addition, these fabrics also add a trendy texture to your look, making them a chic choice.

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For an ultra chic look, opt for rich jewel-toned colours to make a statement. Deep red, sapphire blues and emerald green are gorgeous. Finish off the look by keeping your accessories neutral to let the textured garment take centre stage.

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Get dressed to kill

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Let’s face it, no matter the season, dresses are the most popular choice to wear to a wedding. In winter, this still holds true especially if you opt for a dress in a thicker fabric worn over tights. You can then add a classic pair of heels or an extra layer of warmth with a pair of fitted tall boots.

If you think a trouser and blouse combo will work for the wedding you’re going to, opt for a pair of perfectly tailored, high-waisted bottoms with a flared leg. You can then pair it with fitted formal blouse. A fabulous jumpsuit is also a great choice.

Other tips to remember

  • A piece of statement jewellery is essential
  • Choose a smart coat, stole or wrap to complement your look and keep you warm – faux fur always looks luxe
  • Avoid anything too bright or garish – it’s the bride’s day after all