The ideal “weight loss pantry’ is an article series dedicated to uncovering what SHOULD be in your fridge (or pantry) if you hope to lose weight in 2018. So much focus is placed on what you shouldn’t eat if you’re dieting, so let’s check out what you should.

Stock up on: Quinoa

Quinoa (you pronounce it ‘keen-wah’) is a plant food related to spinach and amaranth which has its roots in South America. It was first cultivated for human consumption around 4000 years ago, but has recently become something of a diet ‘superfood’ because it is gluten free and also contains essential amino acids, giving it a similar protein profile to that of milk.

Quinoa can be used to add nutrients to salads or as a substitute for carbohydrates like rice or pasta in a wide variety of meals.

The advantage of quinoa is that it includes loads of nutrients BUT lowers the carbohydrate load of a meal. Quinoa even has an advantage over cous cous, in that cous cous is not suitable for wheat-sensitive people but quinoa is.

Quinoa is relatively flavourless, which makes it great to add to meals of all flavour profiles. The quinoa simply adopts the flavours of the accompanying foods. It can even be made into a dessert with some cocoa powder, a little sugar, and topped with fruit for a chocolate-flavoured dish.

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Get some quinoa at your local health food store and start experimenting with this wonderful ingredient today.

Try these recipes:

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