What to do if you have a LOT of weight to lose’ is a series of articles dedicated to the seemingly daunting task of losing lots of weight – think 30kg or more. If you are in this boat then this is the strategy for you. Follow the steps week by week and you’ll soon be on the path to a THINNER and (more importantly) HEALTHIER you.

Get caffeinated

Coffee. People who love it talk about it like it is what keeps them going from day to day.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, then coffee is one of the cheapest, most important, and easiest-to-use tools you have at your disposal.

To get the full weight loss value from your coffee, a couple of ground-rules need to be followed though:

  • Your coffee should be of a high quality, and not instant if possible
  • You should drink it black, and unsweetened
  • You should drink two cups first thing in the morning, before you do your morning exercise
  • And then you should drink one more cup before lunch

Doing this will give your body the caffeine ‘kick’ that makes coffee so useful for weight loss, without desensitising you to the effect from overuse. If you have too much coffee your senses will become dulled, and your body will begin to react less strongly to the caffeine.

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This is all really simple, and really effective. But you have to do it right. Try it, you’ll see that it works!

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