Smoothies really do make a fabulous morning breakfast. They’re a great opportunity to boost your health…

Smoothie trend

Sadly, the smoothie trend has rather taken off, and you’re as likely to see people stuffing their faces with decadent peanut butter concoctions as you are to see a green smoothie, still thinking they’re equally healthy.

So, how do you avoid the smoothie calorie trap?

Don’t only juice for best health

There’s a role to play for juices in a good diet, but they do ditch a lot of the healthy parts of the shake… rather opt to blend your ingredients so the soluble and insoluble fibre (so important to a healthy diet) stays in the smoothie and your blood sugar can remain more balanced.

Don’t drink more than you can eat

Does your smoothie call for way more food then you could eat if you had to sit down and tackle it?

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Then you need to cut down those amounts!

A spoon of peanut butter or yoghurt and a fruit or two all have their role to play… but half a carton of milk, a full tub of yoghurt, half a jar of peanut butter and six different fruits are pushing it too far.

Skip the sugar

Most smoothie recipes are packed with delectable sweet ingredients anyway – added sweetner is a waste.

Need some inspiration? Banana and ginger, green tea/blueberry/banana, berries and milk (or a little luxurious cream) and even yoghurt with banana, strawberry and orange juice, all make for healthy, nutrient-dense breakfast options. Which is your favourite?

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