Cacti are fun to grow at home, but on occasion they need extra TLC…

Yellow leaves or signs of rot

These both tell you you’re overwatering the plant – let it dry out and then water more sparingly.

Black and brown spotting may also appear on the leaves if you’re being a little too generous.

Dull, insipid colour and leaning

If your plant’s colour has faded, it’s a sure sign it’s getting a little too much sun.

While succulents do love a bright environment, try moving it away from direct sunlight a little.

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If, on the other hand, the plant is developing a list, this shows it’s reaching towards a light source – then it needs a little more light – so give it a helping hand.

Shrivelled leaves

Shrivelled leaves mean that your little green buddy isn’t getting enough water.

Time to step it up!

Keep your succulents looking good and they’ll grace your home with cleaner air – and look fantastic too.