Neutral colours should form the base of your wardrobe and when you go for one of these hues that flatter all complexions, you’re definitely sure to shine…

Let’s face it, no matter your style, everyone needs to have a number of neutral-hued clothing and accessories in their closet. But did you know there are some neutral colours that suit everyone? Check out our list now.

Basic black leads the list

It’s no surprise that black is a must-have. This dark tone matches every colour so it’s easy to wear and style. This also means it works on all skin tones and complexions, plus it’s easy to pair with prints – making black an all-round win.

Nail the look in navy

Navy blue is a classic, crisp colour that makes the perfect alternative to black. It’s also chic and versatile enough to work on everything from skirts and dresses to handbags and shoes. We love it worn with tan or white, or fire engine red!

Beautiful in Burgundy

This deep red hue is deemed to be a new neutral. It’s elegant and makes the perfect alternative to more common neutral colours such as black and grey. In addition, it’s right on trend for this season and can be worn on your lips and nails to boot.

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Delicious rich chocolate brown

Dark, delicious chocolate shades are an elegant choice for fairer and darker complexions alike. They also offset all hair and eye colours with aplomb. This gorgeous colour is the perfect choice for textured fabrics as it imparts a luxurious touch to your ensemble.

Gorgeous olive green

Much like burgundy, olive green is a new neutral that has dominated recent trends. It’s also flattering on all complexions and pairs beautifully with metallic tones and other neutral tones.

Win in white

Pure white works well with all complexions, provided that it’s crisp and clean. Much like black, this colour works with almost every other colour making it easy to style. However, exercise caution as it can look tacky on some fabrics and garments. Plus it’s very difficult to keep clean.