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The key to stop suffering is to reevaluate what causes us suffering, and to eradicate these elements from our lives

Right now, we are each suffering our own silent pains of the heart: maybe you’re out of work and haven’t had any luck finding a new job, maybe you’ve lost a loved one recently, maybe an illness is taking away from your quality of life, or maybe you’ve been betrayed by someone near and dear to you.

Whatever the cause of your suffering may be, it’s there, and it’s time you get rid of it today.

Throughout life, we turn to many different sources to aid in our suffering: We ask doctors how to cure our physical suffering. We ask our parents, siblings, or friends for words of wisdom, thoughts, and advice on how to stop suffering. We turn to all these sources during a time of crisis, but do we ever turn to ourselves? Do we ever introspect for answers to our pain? Many times, we are actually the reason for our suffering.

We choose to allow suffering in. We associate ourselves with people whom we know will create suffering or we voluntarily place ourselves in a situation which is bound to cause suffering. Let’s learn how suffering can become a word we rarely use:

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The keys to a happy, healthy life

Remember all you’ve passed through

Take a moment to remember all that you’ve already been through in life – this isn’t the hardest thing to go through! You’ve overcome so many tough situations and have come out stronger than ever, and this one’s no different.

Re-empower yourself

Think of yourself as having the strength of a lion: nothing can bring you down, you are powerful beyond your imagination.

Count on those who love you

This isn’t the time to lock yourself in your room and stay away from the rest of society. This is your time to be around others, and draw on their support. Your loved ones won’t let you down; if you feel like crying, don’t cry alone, visit a family member or call a good friend to talk.

Note your daily catalysts

You have so many reasons to carry on; maybe you’re a mother, and you love your children more than life itself. You have hundreds of reasons to go forward with life; this episode shouldn’t stop you!

Relate to others

One of the easiest ways to quiet your suffering is to relate to the pain of others. You may be going through a break-up, but your neighbour is going through a divorce of 30 years. You’re not alone in your tragedy, everyone suffers on a daily basis.

See beyond the suffering

Try not to be so caught up in the moment: yes, right now you’re in an unpleasant situation, but you’re riding the wave of life, and after this is over, you’ll be riding high once again.

Be in charge

Just because you’re suffering doesn’t mean you have to stand by as your emotions destroy you. Now more than ever you should be taking charge of your life and making your own decisions. You know exactly what you need to do to be okay.

Don’t play the victim

We should instead say to ourselves: “I am not a victim of circumstance, I am strong person who isn’t intimidated by anything that happens.”

Engage in your heart’s desire

The best way to distract yourself from what’s hurting you is to do what you love the most!

Understand the role of your mentality

Your mind has complete control over you when you’re in pain, so it’s essential that you adopt the right mentality to have a positive attitude.

Practise the wisdom of acceptance

Don’t dwell on what you can’t change, and remember that the past is the past for a reason. Every morning when you wake up, remind yourself that there is a reason for your suffering, and that the greatest healing force is acceptance. Speak an affirmation like: “I choose to accept what happened, and I know that my wisdom will end my suffering.”

Make suffering your motivator

To suffer is to experience a very painful emotion, but there is no reason you can’t be inspired by your own suffering. Counteract your suffering with a positive deed. If you recently went through a divorce, motivate yourself to resume a life that’s as normal as possible. Resolve to become inspired by your own suffering.

We think of suffering as a part of life, but it doesn’t have to be this way – we can change our lives to shun the negative and bring in the positive, and it all starts with our thinking.

Remember: Reality reflects what the mind projects. Project only blessings and start manifesting your new, pain-free future today.


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