Does your dad like to cook? Does he get up at sparrows to hit the fairway? Or, is he more into sampling the delights of the 19th with his buddies?

What do you possibly get this Father’s Day for the dad who has everything? A big bag of biltong, his favourite whisky and a colourful pair of socks knitted by yours truly will be loved and valued by dad as a sign of your appreciation, but consider the gift of travel.

Instead of gathering dust at the bottom of the sock drawer, a travel experience will give dad a lifetime of happy holiday memories as well as turbo-charge family relationships. Experiencing the world together makes everyone involved far happier than any snazzy or shiny gadget.

How do you find a trip that will excite dad as much as the kids? Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collections’ Lieria Boshoff has you covered: “River cruising provides a wonderful opportunity for families to celebrate a special occasion like Fathers’ Day together.

“Together you can discover different cultures, lifestyles and cuisines from around the world. River cruises also offer “Let’s Go” excursions including biking, hiking and kayaking activities, which can be more fun to explore your destinations than just walking around.”

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Here are Boshoff’s top picks for the best cruising excursions for every type of dad:

1.      The F1 dad

Step aside Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel: the F1 dad knows the neighbourhood streets like the back of his hand and will find shortcuts of which Waze could only dream. His idea of a perfect weekend? Working on the car, washing the car, waxing the car, then driving the car.

Boshoff says: “Make the F1 dad’s dreams come true and take him on a behind-the-scenes tour of the BMW Factory in Germany. Tour the carmaker’s futuristic plant and learn how it’s cranked out millions of automobiles.”

In the press shop you’ll feel the pressure the metal-forming tools produce; in the body shop you can watch the fascinating ballet performed by welding robots. Learn about bonding technology and witness a “marriage” – when the power train and body are joined together during final assembly.

You’ll find this exciting excursion on Uniworld’s Authentic Danube and Prague itinerary, which is a new itinerary for 2019.

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2.      The Sporty dad

The sporty dad wears his high-school team jersey with pride and loves to hit the links with his buddies. He spends his weekends on the golf course, watching the PGA Tour, reading Golf Digest, and getting his hands on the latest in golf instruction. What’s the quickest and most sure-fire way to bring a smile to any golfer’s face? Buy him a round of golf!

On a Uniworld’s Paris and Normandy cruising itinerary, dads will have the opportunity to play a round of golf at one of France’s top-rated courses: the Golf d’Étretat, a links course on Normandy’s Alabaster Coast. The golf course is perched on top of the Normandy cliffs overlooking the bay of Étretat. “Be sure to warn dad for the course’s famous hole number 10, and tell him that the course is as challenging as it is visually spectacular,” says Boshoff.

Golfer performs a golf shot from the fairway. Sunny summer day.

3.      The Homebrew dad

Homebrew dad is a social guy who’s always up for a good laugh. He knows how to entertain your friends with interesting stories and jokes. For the Homebrew dad: good beer rules for the simple reason that it makes him happy.

“This Father’s Day, introduce Homebrew dad to some of the innovative brews in the beer sector when you visit Bamberg on Uniworld’s Alluring Amsterdam and Vienna itinerary. dad can take a tour of the Franconian beer capital of Bamberg and sample the famed smoked beer at the brewery,” says Boshoff.

Bamberg in its entirety is not only described as beautiful, but has often been regarded as one of Germany’s most attractive settlements, with its ravishing architecture, intersecting canals and rivers, and charming stores and restaurants, all framed by rolling hills. Besides sampling beer, you can browse antique stores and marvel at its historic building-lined narrow medieval streets.

4.      The MasterChef dad

There was a time when dads and cooking conjured up images of microwavable leftovers and burnt toast. That was before Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver came along.

“Does your dad do most of the cooking? Does he tinker with the steak seasoning blend until he gets it just right?  Then, you’ll need to find a food-related activity to make his Father’s Day magical,” says Boshoff.

She suggests that on Uniworld’s Gems of Northern Italy itinerary, you can treat dad to an exclusive pasta-making workshop in Bologna. “There are those who believe that the best tortellini in the world is made in Bologna. Locals also claim to have invented the first chocolate bars, and even if others dispute that claim, there’s no denying that the chocolate shops offer some very special treats,” she says.

Bologna’s green market brims with local produce, and its specialty food stores and food halls are unmatched; locally made mortadella, luscious balsamic vinegar from nearby Modena, ham from Parma and, of course, great rounds of Parmesan cheese all contribute to the lavish displays. This is the stuff the MasterChef dad’s wildest dreams are made of.