Modest wear is fast becoming big business – you just have to look through the racks of many clothing stores and fashion campaign images to see that wrist-length sleeves and high necks are making a more regular appearance on mannequins.

We speak to three fashion bloggers about what it means to dress modestly, style tips and what they think has led to modesty as a fashion trend:

Thameenah Saint @thameenah_s explains what it means to dress modestly, “Too often dressing modestly is looked at as being restraining, limited or oppressive. However for me personally, dressing modestly is not only about outward appearance or attire but more so a way of life – there is a depth of character that rises above beauty and charm. Modesty sends a strong message of acceptance and self-respect, and puts emphasis on who we are internally rather than focusing on outward attractiveness. By portraying decency in the way you act and represent yourself, you will naturally find that others respect you as well.”

As we continue to see more and more international brands showcasing modest-wear on runways across the world (D&G are selling abayas and Nike stocks hijabs), Aqeelah Haron @fashionbreed says, “I think more than modesty being a trend, it’s individuality and practicality that is taking over in the fashion world. Fashion and beauty have both been given back to the people, which is why we see trends like sneakers, natural hair and make-up and androgyny coming back season after season because the people refuse to let it go, and designers are giving us what we want.”

“Modesty is having a trendy moment, but for the rest of us, it’s been a way of life for a long time. I hope that, instead of it being a trend, it becomes a long-term market that accommodates and includes instead of just having a seasonal moment.”

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When discussing styling tips for modest dressing, our bloggers had this to say:

The best tip I have would be to follow some of the top modest fashion bloggers on Instagram and YouTube. You’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of inspiration and advice. My favourites? @ascia @eslimah @mariaalia @feeeeya @sauf.etc @marwaatik @shahdbatal and so many more!
– Nabilah Kariem @nabilahkariem


Do not be afraid of layering and mixing textures or prints: it’s all about experimenting and finding what works best for your personality and style.

A few essential pieces are always good to have when dressing modestly such as a good pair of wide legged pants, longer-length dresses, flowing skirts and over-sized shirts or blazers. Modest dressing is all about choice, so play around and find what works best for you. – Thameenah Saint @thameenah_s

Dresses are your BFF when you lack inspiration, and shoes and accessories will take even the simplest of looks to the next level. – Aqeelah Haron @fashionbreed

For more fashion inspiration for modest dressing check out