Robbie Malinga junior became an online sensation the moment he took over his father’s Instagram account. However, not everyone is happy about his new-found fame

Robbie Malinga senior died in December 2017 and his son, along with the rest of the family took months to grieve their loss. However, in May 2018 Robbie junior began posting content on his father’s account and for the most part it was well-received.

There are many social media critics taking exception to Robbie junior’s luxurious lifestyle. Many claim that the 17-year-old is living lavishly only because his father’s death left him with a lot of money.

One particular critic went so far as to record a video of himself wondering aloud how Robbie was able to sustain such an expensive lifestyle. The tweep, a popular influencer named Daniel Marven, suggested that this new life was being funded by money that Robbie Malinga senior left his children.

Robbie junior, however, was having none of it

He cleared the air immediately and claimed to be spending his own money:

Robbie junior’s mother, Ann Malinga, remained quiet through the initial stages of the saga but declared herself firmly on her son’s side by sharing a motivational message on Instagram

She captioned her image: “Don’t raise children that feel the need to please society to fit in or try hard to be liked, raise Confident God fearing children not NOT Society fearing low self esteem children (sic).”

It seems as if she was suggesting that the critics were “society” and she had every intention of making sure Robbie junior grew up with high self-esteem.

Are you following Robbie junior’s lavish life on Instagram?