American-born rapper, Da L.E.S found his name all over Twitter but it wasn’t for anything positive

The hip-hop star was dragged mercilessly for his dress code at a basketball game.

Leslie Mampe (his real name) was enjoying some time downtime in the States and he took the opportunity to spoil himself by attending one of the biggest basketball games of the year: one of the finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.

In fact, he was so excited about the game that he kitted himself out in Cavs gear. The only problem was, he stood out like a sore thumb and the moment American Twitter caught wind of his attire, they wasted no time in taking him to the Twitter cleaners.

A video of him walking courtside was shared by SLAM magazine and their stinging caption opened the floodgates of shade:

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A number of American tweeps followed this with their own jokes about the rapper (and his fanny pack was dragged into it too!

Luckily, SA Twitter was on hand to defend the ‘North God’

Da L.E.S. didn’t respond to the shade, but we’re sure he saw the funny side of it!