These simple, yet effective, stain-busting techniques will have the laundry in the washer (and you) doing better things. In mere minutes, problems are solved for good!

Collar rings

Collar rings are nothing more than excess body oils, so any oil-busting soap will work wonders.
Use a particularly strong dishwashing liquid, or opt for shampoo that clarifies oily hair.

Sweat Stains

Sweat stains are also biological, so using a good biological enzyme wash powder should help.
If you need to boost the clean a bit, add a paste of baking soda to the stain.


Beat bloodstains by carefully soaking the area in a dilution of hydrogen peroxide.
While this will work for some dark colours, it’s best to patch-test darker articles first.


Lemon juice and salt, made into a paste and applied carefully to the fabric, should be all you need for this one.

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Oil needs a little extra work – but not too much! Any fatty stain will be lifted by dusting the stain in a heavy layer of absorbent powder.
Place a piece of cardboard or paper underneath the stain and rub the powder in – it will lift the grease right out!

You can launder as normal afterwards.

There you have it – no stain will get in the way of your wash day again!