If clutter is overwhelming you and you don’t think you have another centimetre of cupboard space, these small home storage hacks are for you

As any small-space dweller knows, reducing clutter is key, but it’s not always easy when you lack storage space.

Inspired by tiny home enthusiasts, here are a few simple but effective small home storage hacks:

Add secret shelving

Increase the storage space in hanging cupboards by stacking crates in the back of the cupboard to create a shallow shelving system.

Roll up next season’s clothes and store them in the crates behind hanging clothes and you could double a cupboard’s storage capacity.

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Look up

Maximise the use of vertical space by fixing shelves to the walls and the higher you go, the better.

High shelves, which leave eye-level wall space open, helps draw the eyes upwards and makes the ceilings appear higher than they really are.

You could also use attractive storage baskets to help maximise the use of space above free-standing wardrobes or kitchen cupboards.

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Look under

Identify any floor space under furniture that you could use as storage space.

Installing pull-out drawers or storage bags under the beds is an obvious idea. Not so obvious is to add feet to couches and dressers so you can add small storage drawers under these pieces of furniture too.