Drink cold beverages to get those calories burning

During the winter months, most people tend to reach out for hot drinks – usually sweet, calorie-laden beverages! But this in fact, may be an ideal time to drop a few kilograms before the spring and summer seasons arrive, perhaps to fit into that new bikini or swimming costume you have your eyes set on!

Drink cold beverages

Consuming cold beverages can support your weight-loss efforts in a fabulous way, in that it can increase the number of calories you are burning for the day. According to a 2003 study that was published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, on the metabolic effects of different water temperatures, it seems that “when you consume liquids that are colder than your core body temperature, your body has to work to warm it up, and it burns extra calories in the process.” Note that the internal body temperature for humans is approximately 37 degrees celsius, so the colder the beverage is, the more calories you will burn in order to bring the cold beverage temperature to a significantly higher one.

Always opt for water

Always opt to drink water as opposed to other beverages which are usually loaded with sugar, sweeteners, preservatives and sometimes other artificial additives. Not only is water good for your health, but it is also widely available and generally less expensive too!

Consider keeping a bottle of water in the refrigerator overnight to give it a good chance of becoming adequately chilled for the following day. It will make it much easier for you, especially if you are always on the move or are in a hurry.

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