If you are looking to lose weight then you MUST know that you need to cut calories in order to achieve your ultimate goal of a healthy, slimmer body that makes you feel sexy from the inside out!

So we all know we need to cut calories in order to lose weight… But actually figuring out HOW to do this in a way that doesn’t interfere too much with our daily lives is a little more difficult.

So how can you keep it simple when it comes to calories?

Here are a few easy ways you can cut some calories from your diet, stay healthy, AND lose weight.

1. Exercise cuts calories

The easiest way to ‘cut’ calories from your diet is to increase the number of calories you burn off as energy every day. And the best way to do that is to move more. I know, that sounds like a mission, but it is the honest truth.

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But don’t be too upset. There are hundreds of ways to exercise which don’t include walking on a treadmill for endless hours!

I believe that there is a type of exercise for EVERYONE out there that they will enjoy. You just need to find it. You may have tried running, doing the circuit at gym, and cycling and decided that ‘exercise is not for you’. But those are really the most mundane types of exercise you can find.


Have you thought of joining a martial arts class? How about a climbing gym? What about pole dancing! It really is a fabulous workout. Join a walking/hiking club and get out into nature, or take up gardening.

The trick is to use more energy than you eat. Exercise helps you use the calories that you put into your body and it also helps you use up the extra ones that are there already! This leads to effective, long-lasting weight loss.

PLUS you get added muscle tone and a far sexier body!

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