Celebrities with extreme allergies

I’ve always been grateful that I don’t suffer from any allergies, especially food allergies – I love food far too much and would hate not to be able to eat things like prawns! As ‘luck’ would have it though, my little boy who is only a year old, is allergic to dairy products, wheat and egg. The struggle to find suitable foods for him is real, and expensive.

Beyoncé and Eva Longoria

Despite the fact that Beyoncé and Eva Longoria have released their own range of signature fragrances, they are both allergic to most perfumes. Apparently, the scents that Beyoncé endorses are chemically altered so that she can wear them.

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Premiere Of Overboard: Eva Longoria: Westwood, California: 30 Apr 2018. Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com