Hearty low-calorie meal for winter

Winter is generally the time of year when most people tend to feel that it is okay to overindulge a little. We tend to seek out those comforting foods (such as macaroni and cheese, hot chocolate, etc.) that make us feel good inside, not taking any notice of the number of calories packed into every meal or snack.

Prepare a nutritious soup!

If you are one of those people who are looking for this ‘comfort’, consider preparing yourself a hearty bowl of soup. Throw in as many fresh vegetables as you can and enjoy the added benefits that the nutrients will provide you with. Remember that soups do not have to be just vegetarian! If you are not vegetarian, adding lean meat or skinless chicken can give you the protein punch that will aid weight loss too.

Drop the starter and have extra soup

You may even want to consider dropping the starter part of your meal and opt for a slightly extra portion of your main meal instead – a delicious, hearty, warm bowl of soup!

Take note that broth based soups are lower in calories than the thick, creamy alternatives so be sure to bear this in mind when preparing your next winter meal! According to Wikipedia there are approximately 36 calories in 100 grams of broth chicken soup, whilst a creamy chicken soup can contain approximately 89 calories! That’s a huge difference!

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If you must have bread with your soup, opt for a whole-wheat or nut- and seed-based bread as opposed to the highly refined, white alternatives. Not only will this add texture and flavour to your already delicious soup, but it is lower in calories too!

Source: Wikipedia

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