Simple ways to prevent dry skin this winter

Many people experience their skin becoming drier during the colder months when environmental conditions are changing. For some, this could be quite extreme and could cause their skin to feel irritated, itchy and uncomfortable.

According to Science Daily, a new study shows that a protein that helps to maintain the skin’s barrier function during the winter and summer months changes. This may help to explain why many people experience dry skin during winter.

Apart from cutting down on hot baths and showers, as well as moisturising adequately thereafter, here are a few other simple ways that you can prevent your skin from feeling dry this winter.

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After bath routine

After taking a bath or shower, avoid rubbing the towel very hard on your skin. Although many people want to dry up and get dressed as soon as possible during the colder months, it is important for you to still be gentle on your skin. In addition, avoid using moisturising products that contain alcohol as this could have a drying effect on your skin.

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