Yoliswa Sobooif was sleeping when she heard a window breaking and people trying to force their way in

She screamed and then heard shouting, her faithful dog Nono growling, and a gunshot.

Nono, who sleeps outside, had defended her owner and gone for the criminals who were trying to break in. Yoliswa ran to the door, but the would-be robbers had already fled. She saw Nono had been shot, and was wounded but alive.

Marcelle from the Marcelle du Plessis Mdzananda Animal Clinic says: “Yoliswa came running in frantically saying her dog had been shot while protecting her from the criminals. She had no transport to bring her in, so the clinic driver went out to collect the injured dog.” 

“Nono was X-rayed, and it was discovered that the bullet had entered the scapula and went straight out the other side. No bones were broken, so no surgery was needed. She was treated for an open wound with antibiotics to prevent infection and was given pain medication.”

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Happily, the plucky pooch is back home and on the mend with a grateful Yoliswa. The criminals have not been caught yet, but with Nono around, we’re sure they’re not in a hurry to come back!

Attacking brave Nono’s owner was a No-No!

Pics: Mdzananda Clinic



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