Nutren Activ is a nutritionally balanced revitalising drink that contains all the nutrients the body needs every day in one glass.

Whether you are active or sporty, a busy executive, pregnant or breastfeeding or elderly it provides nutritional support that is fortified with vitamins and minerals. Choose from Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate.

Nutren Activ is high in calcium for healthy bones and teeth and contains elements that help to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Some recipes from Nestle’s Nutren Activ

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Lemon Castles – Sink your teeth into the juiciest jelly ever!
Dissolve a packet of lemon flavoured jelly powder in 225mls of boiling water or prepare jelly according to pack instructions. Then mix in 100ml cold water. Add Nutren Activ to the jelly mixture, refrigerate and allow to set in
your favourite mould or bowl.
Yo-yoghurt – As good as it looks and oh-so nutritious!
Stir 50ml of Nutren Activ Vanilla or Strawberry into 250ml of your favourite yoghurt.
Chocolate Slurp – Grab the chocolate shake that’s good for you!
Mix together 50ml of Nutren Activ Chocolate or other preferred flavour with 250 ml of cold milk. Blend with two scoops of Nestle Country Fresh vanilla ice cream. Sit back and enjoy!
Go-Go Breakfast – Rise and Shine with this terrific breakfast treat
Shake up 45ml of Nutren Activ Vanilla with 200ml of cold milk. Add 45ml of crushed bran and shake again.
Fruit Flurry – Mix up a fruity masterpiece!
Mix 50ml of Nutren Activ Vanilla with 250ml ready-to-use custard. Drizzle over your favourite fruit and savour the taste.
Strawberry Twist – Relax, refresh and revive!
Mix 50ml of Nutren Activ Strawberry with 250ml of ice-cold apple juice or any other fruit juice. Garnish with a slice of juicy fresh fruit.