A new service makes starting a vegetable, herb or fruit patch a little bit easier. Eat Your Garden is a vegetable garden service that will design and plant a garden in a location of your choice.

On Site Service
A garden consultant will be available for an on-site meeting. The meeting will include an assessment of the site, as well as advice on what is possible based on factors such as your location, soil quality, size of garden and sun/shade. Within 10 days, a quote will be provided for installation of a vegetable garden. The initial consultation costs R300 per hour at the time of writing this article.

Instant Gardens
Alternatively, Eat Your Garden sell an INSTANT STARTER GARDEN for R3500(depending on your area) comprising:

*Telephonic consultation with a permaculture consultant.

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*Bed mulch

*Path mulch

*Under path geofabric


*Watering with liquid feed to help establish seedlings

*1 Day on site consultant and labour.

Eat Your Garden also offer ongoing maintenance as food gardens usually require more work than a landscaped aesthetic garden. This includes the likes of planting seedlings appropriate to the season, advice on what fruit and vegetables thrive best at which time of year, renewal of mulching and composting where required, pruning, ongoing companion planting, assistance with seed collection, pest and disease management.

For more info, contact:

Nina Geraghty 021 674 3725