Here are some interesting (and alarming) environmental facts for you:

  • The rock pools along the False Bay coast of Cape Town may not look very interesting but, if you dive in deeper (pun intended), you will find that these pools are home to a number of interesting creatures including crabs, fish, starfish, sea urchins, limpets and more
  • More than one million seabirds and 100 000 marine mammals die every year as a result of plastic pollution (
  • Overfishing is causing a decline in the Great White Shark population due to reducing access to sufficient food as well as the fact that sharks often get caught up and tangled among the nets intended for other fish (

You may be wondering why you needed to know these facts

Here’s why – today, 5 June – is World Environment Day and it is clear that now, more than ever before, we need to pay closer attention to what is going on in our environment. We need to educate our children, educate ourselves and strive to do better for this planet we call home.

The tourism industry can do its part in thinking about the environment, sustainability and, closer to home, the current water crisis. These issues need to be thought about in lock-step so that the approach is multifaceted, and we can affect change on a wider scale.

Airbnb is getting involved in helping to save the environment

That’s what Airbnb is determined to do – Airbnb is thinking about a more sustainable future in a broader sense.

The Airbnb community is leading the way and we would like to update you on a few of the initiatives:

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  • Cape Town hosts recently got together to discuss the water crisis. The hosts shared information and tips and spoke to one another on how they encourage guests to ‘save like a local’ – and do you know what they discovered? Guests are keen and very eager to do their part and are happy to live according to Cape Town’s Level 6B water restrictions.
  • Airbnb encourages sustainable and responsible travelling with Airbnb Social Impact Experiences. Social Impact Experiences have been designed for non-profit organisations who receive 100% of the income earned through Airbnb. These experiences directly benefit the organisations and the communities/ causes that they serve. Some amazing experiences to keep in mind this World Environment Day include learning to upcycle with an artist. This experience, hosted by Heath Nash, takes materials that often make their way to landfills or our oceans, and uses them to create something of value – perhaps it’s a bag, some jewellery or even a lamp shade. Another amazing environment-centric experience is exploring the Cape Peninsula with a marine biologist. On this experience, guests head out with Justin, an Airbnb Experience host, where you will learn about our oceans, the life you can find on these coastlines and about current research happening in and around our seas.
  • AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, which hosts through Airbnb Social Impact Experiences, does amazing work that includes campaigns to save sharks, in-depth research projects and ocean life education initiatives about sharks and ocean life. They listed their experience on Airbnb in 2017.

This World Environment Day, everyone should take a look at their environment, their impact on it and what they can do to make a positive contribution to it – and if you need a place to start, try Airbnb Social Impact Experiences. You will be contributing a great deal to people, creatures and causes that need the most help.