Dry skin is the first kind to show signs of ageing, but there are some simple things you can do to bid farewell to that flaky skin!

It’s winter, which means the air is colder and drier in most parts of the country and that’s not only bad for our souls, but it’s also not great for our skin. In fact, those of you who suffer from dry skin will notice that it probably gets even worse during these months – and no one wants to be flaky.

Dry skin also tends to show signs of ageing earlier than other skin types as the lack of moisture leads to a heightened presence of fine lines and wrinkles, so if you want to know what you can do to basically help yourself look younger, read on…

Here’s what you need to stop doing if you have dry skin

1. Using a powder foundation

Not only will this enhance all those areas you’re trying to hide because the powder clings to all the dry patches of skin, but it also provides your skin with zero moisture. In fact, powder foundation is recommended for people with oily skin as it helps reduce excess oil, so if you have dry skin, you are drying out your skin even more if you use it.

2. Taking steaming hot showers

Yes, it’s winter and yes, it’s relaxing, but they don’t do your dry skin any favours (and they also waste water!). Water that is too warm strips your skin of its natural essential oils – the oils people with dry skin so desperately need! This doesn’t mean your showers need to be cold; just keep the temperature moderate and the length minimal – it’s good for your skin and your electricity bill.

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3. Skimping on the moisturiser

As we said, dry skin tends to age quicker, so if you ever needed any reason to moisturise, this is it. You need to include a decent moisturiser in both your morning and evening routine – yes, you need to do both – and you need to use a product that is specifically made for dry skin types, as this will have an added moisture boost that you desperately need. If your current moisturiser isn’t doing the trick, switch it for a richer formulation.

4. Drying your face before moisturising

Most of us reach for the towel as soon as we’ve cleansed our face or jumped out the shower, but having a damp face when you put on your moisturiser actually helps lock in the hydration – exactly what people with dry skin need! Try leaving a few droplets on your skin next time you moisturise – or even do it when your hands are damp – and you should notice the difference.

5. Over-exfoliating

Yes, your skin might be dry and flaky, so we understand the temptation to try to get rid of the evidence as often as possible. However, being too harsh on your skin by using an exfoliator too often or washing your face with too much pressure only irritates the skin and also strips away the natural essential oils, thus leaving you worse off than you were. Don’t exfoliate more than twice a week and opt for a gentle product with soothing properties.

6. Forgetting about your lips  

There’s nothing worse than chapped lips, and no lipstick – no matter how good it is – can disguise them, so be sure to include a decent lip balm in your routine. And remember to apply it regularly – at least twice a day, if not more.

If your lips are very dry and you want to put lipstick on, make sure you exfoliate them first. Mix a teaspoon of sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil, and voilà, a homemade hydrating lip scrub!