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She danced her way into our hearts and, since losing 13kg, we want to know how DWTSSA’s Vanes-Mari Proudfoot stays fit, slim and stress-free

Partnered with professional dancer Johannes Radebe, Vanes-Mari Proudfoot (née du Toit) applied the same level of discipline she does as a member of the North West Flames Netball Team to train for Dancing with the Stars SA (DWTSSA).

In April, she posted a ‘before-and-after’ picture of Instagram documenting her 11kg weight loss in three months. Since this post, she has lost another two kilograms.

All4Women had the chance to chat with Vanes-Mari to find out how she lost the weight, stays fit and balances a busy schedule as an athlete, entrepreneur, sports TV presenter and wife.

Dancing off 11 kg

We thought you look great in January, but now you look amazing! How did you go about losing 11 kg? 

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Vanes-Mari: I had the privilege to be a full-time dancer for about 12 weeks, which meant a lot of cardio and body control movements.

I never intended to lose weight. To be honest, I never knew I had 11 kg to lose in the first place, but seeing how my body transformed during the show inspired me to keep fit and even more active. During the show, I saw what limits I could push my body to, and I really want to see if I could push the boundaries even more.

Image source: Instgram @vanesdutoit
DWTSSA’s Vanes-Mari Proudfoot lost 11 kgs in three months.


What kind of diet do you follow? Could you tell us what you typically eat in a day? 

Vanes-Mari: There’s not a specific diet I follow. I believe in having a well-balanced diet.

I enjoy having a snack before early morning training, which can be anything from nuts and fruit to peanut butter on low GI toast.

After morning training, I believe in eating a solid breakfast. If I have a well-structured breakfast, I don’t get too hungry during the day (which cancels out overeating). Having a proper breakfast in the morning sets me up for the rest of the day.

Breakfast for me will always start with good fibre like muesli, oats, All-bran or Futurelife and two or three eggs (depending on how hard the morning session was) paired with a combo of avo and salmon or ham and spinach.

If I don’t have high-fibre porridge, I’ll have high-fibre bread or toast with my eggs.

Because I eat a big breakfast, I have a light lunch before the afternoon training session. This could include chicken strips in a salad or salad wrap, and low GI bread with crispy bacon, goat’s cheese and avo is my favourite.

I have mostly a protein-based dinner after training.

What are your tricks for eating healthily with such a busy work and training schedule?

Vanes-Mari: I’m the worst in pre-packaging or planning what to eat, because I tend to forget, but I have made very good friends with my Nutri-bullet! I usually blitz together a delicious smoothie with added protein powder that I travel with and sip whenever I feel like it.

I also carry a couple of bottles of water in my car to make sure I get enough water in during the day as well as biltong, nuts, dried fruits, healthy biscuits/rusks and I never leave the house with my sachets of coffee and my flask. Massive coffee addict right here…

If I get really hungry on the road, I’ll quickly find a Woolworths or Kauai on my google maps app.

What about cheat days and what is your favourite diet ‘cheat’? 

Vanes-Mari: I don’t really plan cheats. It all depends on the occasion and eating a proper breakfast and packing healthy snacks, means I’m not tempted during the day.

When it comes to diet, I listen to my body and what it needs – cravings can be a sign of a possible deficiency. So, when I tend to crave red meat I try and up my protein intake in general and when I crave raisins, I up my iron intake in my diet, etcetera. It’s important to listen to your body.

However, if I’m going to cheat, my favourite cheat will have to be my mom’s very cheesy lasagne, and any pastries or baked goodies.

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