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The hottest meat-lover’s gettogether, the Fire & Feast Meat Festival presented by Crown National, has a mouth-watering line-up of new features that will be showcasing at Joburg’s Ticketpro Dome from 8 to 10 June. A proudly South African affair, the Fire & Feast Meat Festival is a celebration of all things fired, grilled and braai’d with something on offer to satisfy every appetite.

Sizzling features to sample

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Bar & Restaurant

This smooth-drinking whiskey, which is the perfect accompaniment to all your meat dishes, can also be found in this next Fire & Feast feature. The Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Bar & Restaurant will serve innovatively prepared meat dishes and Jack Daniel’s range of Tennessee whiskey, providing festival-goers with a delicious dining option within the Fire & Feast meat mayhem.

The Sparta Beef Theatre

Local experts in quality beef products, Sparta have come on board as sponsors for the satisfyingly enlightening Sparta Beef Theatre. Here you will get the chance to glean tips on how to get the most out of your beefy buys as well as the selecting the healthiest cuts for the tastiest dishes.

The Pork Tasting Room

Pork 360 has put its weight behind Fire & Feast Meat Festival with the introduction of The Pork Tasting Room. This tasty new feature will introduce all you meat-lovers to crispy, cured and crackling pork-tasting varieties while industry experts share useful tips on all things pork.

MyBraai Meat & Wine Pairing

This elegant feature, sponsored by MyBraai online butchery, is a dedicated meat and wine pairing theatre where you’re invited to de-cant and devour while learning about the importance of flavour fusion. Here, chefs from MyBraai will team up with Leopard’s Leap sommeliers to discuss the perfect drinking wines to compliment four meaty dishes – beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Book tickets for the MyBraai Meat & Wine Pairing at before they sell out and get your show tickets included.

Wine Tasting Area

South Africa’s deep-rooted wine industry is renowned for producing internationally-acclaimed wines and Fire & Feast will be celebrating this culture in the Wine Tasting Area. This full-bodied feature will let you indulge in a truly sensory evaluation of the country’s best local wines.

Eat, meat, feast and repeat at the ultimate meat, braai and music celebration. Tickets are available from or at the door. No alcohol will be served to U18’s.

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Fire & Feast Meat Festival Schedule
Friday 8th June: 12pm – 6pm
Saturday 9th June: 10am – 6pm
Sunday 10th June: 10am – 6pm

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