From beating static to removing bobbles off knits, these winter fashion hacks will have you covered for everything the cold throws your way…

Get ready for the ultimate list of winter fashion hacks. It covers everything you need to know to rock your most stylish winter look ever.

Beat the bobble

Knits are a winter staple but they have the tendency to pill or bobble, in unsightly clumps. This is because wearing knitted garments causes the fabric to rub against other surfaces and itself. To remove bobbles, use a lint remover, simply shave off with a disposable razor or gently rub a pumice stone over the garment.

Keep static away with hairspray

Wearing dresses and stockings can be a static fest. You can keep static away by simply spraying your stockings or tights with hairspray before donning the rest of your outfit.

Fold your knits

Prevent warping and stretching of knitted sweaters, jerseys and dresses by folding them instead of hanging up. This will help them retain their original shape.

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Freeze your tights

You can help your stockings or tights last longer by popping them in the freezer before your first wear. This will help strengthen the fibres making your tights last longer. Simply run your new thigh under cold water, pop into a Ziploc bag and freeze overnight. Then thaw and wear as normal.

Remove smells from your boots

Your feet can get sweaty in winter which may lead to odours in your shoes and boots. You can remove unpleasant smells by tossing a few dry teargas into your boots overnight. The teabags Wil absorb additional moisture and bad smells too.

Soften itchy fabrics

Thicker, warmer fabrics can be itchy. Soften them by slathering a mixture of six parts water, to one part hair conditioner over the garment and soaking for an hour. Then rinse off and air dry.