Starting to worry that you’re drinking too much coffee – and your shaky hands, stained teeth and dehydrated skin are confirming it? There’s another way to get your morning energy boost!

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to caffeine but still crave the morning rush that coffee brings, oxygen supplementation could be the answer.

Worried about the caffeine in your morning cup of Joe? Is your wake-up cuppa giving you the jitters? Instead of gritting your teeth and reaching for the decaf, there’s a new, natural way to get going in the mornings. It’s called Boost and it’s oxygen in a can!

Fresh air in a can?

My knowledge of science isn’t great, so I was a bit sceptical when the courier delivered a seemingly empty canister. Until I read the label… and remembered that oxygen is weightless (duh!). But Boost offers up to 150 inhalations of 95% pure oxygen.

Here’s how it works

The quality of the air we breathe is critically important to our overall well-being. Oxygen is a vital component, powering our bodies during exercise, helping keep our brains sharp and attentive, and boosting our immune system and powers of recovery after an illness, or even after a night on the town.

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Boost Oxygen 650ml cans of 95% purified oxygen combined with 5% of ambient air gives you a boost of energy to get going in the morning when you haven’t had a great night’s sleep, helps you to get out of bed and run five kilometres on dark winter mornings, and even helps to clear the head when hangovers leave you sluggish.

The benefits of oxygen therapy and aromatherapy – all in a handy portable can

Breathing Boost Oxygen will boost energy, alleviate stress, improve mental clarity and memory, support collagen production and to top it all, it will boost the immune system and protect the body against the negative effects of air pollution.

Ideal for increasing athletic performance

During periods of strenuous physical exercise, the body’s natural response is to inhale more frequently and deeply to increase the levels of oxygen in the body.

Boost Oxygen is the perfect way to get the most out of your workout (it can increase performance by up to 25%) and minimise your recovery time.

My husband is running his tenth Comrades marathon this year and I will have a canister of Boost with me to give him a few sprays each time I see him on the route.

You can even choose your fragrance

It comes in aromatic fragrances of peppermint, pink grapefruit and menthol-eucalyptus which have been introduced to assist with the process of oxygen absorption. I chose pink grapefruit – citrusy and not too sweet or cloying.

Studies have shown that oxygen is essential for optimal brain activity, and oxygen supplementation can improve mental performance, boost energy levels and relieve stress, as well as alleviating the symptoms of insomnia and hangovers

Just three to five inhalations give a much-needed energy boost

It is really the quickest and healthiest ways to get that energy shot:

  • Place the plastic ‘mask piece’ over your nose and mouth.
  • Press the pump three or four times and breath in deeply through the mouth each time.

Boost Oxygen is available from selected outlets and online at at a recommended retail price of R290 for a 650ml canister.

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