Research has found higher levels of formaldehyde in e-cigarettes than previously thought. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen…

Portland State University (PSU) researchers who discovered forms of formaldehyde in e-cigarette vapour three years ago revisited their research.

They found that the formaldehyde risks were even higher than they originally thought.

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Bad for your lungs

Not only is formaldehyde a known carcinogen, but the newly-discovered formaldehyde compounds are deposited more deeply in lungs

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The 2015 study revealed that e-cigarette vapour can contain the new forms of formaldehyde at levels five to 15 times higher than the formaldehyde in regular cigarettes.

The new study found that both gaseous formaldehyde and the new formaldehyde compounds were detectable at levels above OSHA workplace limits, even when e-cigarettes were operated at lower, more commonly used heat settings.

PSU chemistry professor Robert Strongin says this raises concerns about the overall risk of e-cigarette use.

Source: Portland State University via

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