Ever wonder what Botox and fillers cost? Here’s a guide to the average cost of aesthetic treatments in South Africa…

Even though we’ve done our research on these prices, remember that they’re only a guideline to the cost of aesthetic treatments, and that you’ll only have accurate pricing once you’ve had a consultation with an aesthetic practitioner.

How much does Botox cost?

Botox is usually charged per unit, and depending on the skill level of the practitioner you’ll pay around R75 per unit in South Africa. A typical forehead and frown treatment requires between 20 and 30 units, so that’ll set you back around R1 500 to R2 250. Each Botox treatment should last between three and six months.

A dermatologist or plastic surgeon will charge more per Botox unit than a general practitioner who specialises in aesthetics – you’re paying for their time and skill as well, after all. No one wants to end up not being able to use their facial muscles for six months!

How much do fillers cost?

The cost of fillers is calculated according to the size of the area treated as well as the amount of product used, and product is charged per vial, not per unit as with Botox. You can expect to pay between R3 000 – R4 000 for lip fillers or tissue fillers to smooth wrinkles and deep lines. Fillers can last up to a year.

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How much do peels cost?

Skin peels vary greatly depending on their active ingredients and intensity. For superficial skin peels you can expect to pay between R600 – R1 200. For deeper peels, the price can go up to R3 000.

How much do IPL and laser cost?

IPL treatments are generally done in courses of two to four sessions at a time, depending on the skin condition and area you’re treating. You will be charged per area – expect to pay from R1 200 for a full face treatment.

The cost of laser treatments depend greatly on the type of laser. Non-invasive lasers like ND-Yag will cost you around R1 200, and medical lasers like the Fraxel can go up to R6 000.

How much do Dermapen treatments cost?

Dermapen needling treatment costs depend on whether an aesthetic therapist or a doctor performs the treatment, and how deep the needling is done. Generally pricing varies between R1 000 and R2 000. Experts recommend that you go for around six sessions to see the best results.