Keep your coat in fantastic condition and help it last as long as possible with these expert laundry, care and storage tips…

Coats are a winter essential but they can be pricey – thus keeping yours is good condition for as long as possible is a must. We share our know-how to help you take care of your coat to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Start off clean

If you’re taking your coat out of storage, then you’ll definitely need to air it out. It’s a good idea to clean it thoroughly at the same time as well. Because coats are made of different materials, you should always follow the instructions on the care label. For best results consider dry-cleaning the coat. If your coat can be washed at home, follow the instructions on the label exactly.

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Hang it up correctly

You should allow your coat to hang naturally and air after each wear. This will help to remove odours. In addition, you should remove everything from the pockets of the coat so that it does not warp and is not weighed down. Always use a sturdy wooden or padded hanger as coats are heavy, thus a sturdy hanger will help retain the coat’s shape and prevent distortion of the shoulders.

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Try not to leave your coat lying in a heap, and whatever you do, never hang it on a hook! That’s the quickest way to warp its shape.

Brush things right

Regularly brushing down the fabric of a coat with a bristled coatbrush will help to remove dust, dirt and surface stains. It will also lit the nap of the fabric making it appear glossier and more luscious. This works on most fabrics including faux fur, suede and wool.

Say goodbye to stains

When it comes to treating stains that brushing won’t remove, your best option is to dab the stain lightly with a clean, damp cloth. Leave the coat to dry off completely and then brush over the formerly stained area again. In the case of a suede coat, you may need to rub the stain with a pencil eraser first before wiping with a damp cloth.

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