Last updated on Dec 21st, 2018 at 09:12 am

Being part of the royal family is an amazing privilege, but it comes with a lot of traditions and rules, some of which affect even their fashion choices. Here are 10 fashion rules that the British royal family follows:

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1. No coloured nail polish

Women of the royal family, particularly The Queen, Kate Middleton and now Meghan Markle, are not allowed to wear colourful nail polish. Only neutral shades such as nude and taupe are allowed.

FYI: The Queen’s favourite nail polish shade is Essie’s Ballet Slippers, which Meghan wore on her big day.

2. Not just anyone can wear a tiara

Tiaras are usually worn by brides on their wedding day and reserved for very formal and fancy occasions. Kate borrowed Queen Elizabeth’s Cartier Halo tiara for her wedding to Prince William in 2011 and Meghan wore Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau tiara on her special day.

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3. The Queen always wears hats

Queen Elizabeth is always seen wearing a hat that matches the colour of her outfits because of an old tradition of not allowing women to show their hair. Although the tradition has fallen away, with Kate and Meghan showing off their luscious locks, the Queen stays true to the traditional, especially for formal occasions and appearances.