Are your jeans getting old, or maybe you’re just over basic blue? It might be time to revamp your denims…

Instead of going out to buy a new pair of jeans, why not let your inner arts and crafts specialist shine? We’ve got some easy tips and tricks to give your jeans new life. From ironing on patches to tearing huge holes in them, there are countless ways to make your jeans feel brand new.

Patch it up

Badges are super easy to work with – just pin them anywhere. Patches are a little bit trickier but really all you need are the patches and an iron. They’re great for covering holes or faded areas.

Set your iron to a hot temperature, place your badge in the desired position and then press the iron down on top for about 45 seconds. You might want to use a thin cloth in between your jeans and the patch to avoid burns. Turn your jeans inside out and repeat. Super easy, right?

Get creative with paint

Grab a stencil and some spray paint and go wild. Protect the part of your jeans that you don’t want covered in paint with a large sheet of paper.

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Fabric variation

Revamp two pairs of jeans at once by cutting pieces of material from both and swapping them. Put a dark patch of denim on light jeans and vice versa. You need to be good with a needle for this one…

Embroidery and beading

If sewing is a skill you happen to have, use a sewing machine or hand embellish any design you’d like. Throw beads on the sides of your jeans or use them to make an interesting pocket detail. You can do the same with buttons and studs.

Distressing your denim

Don’t stress, distressing is easy and if doesn’t turn out the way you wanted nobody will notice. Go ahead and rip, graze, tear and dye away.

Creative hems

This is a major trend right now. Fringed, ripped and uneven hems are loved by fashionistas like Kim K and Olivia Palermo. If you have a more creative hand you can add ribbon, lace or other trimmings to your hems.

Here are some of our favourite embellished and bedazzled jeans in stores right now for inspiration:


Slim Mom Jeans, R529, H&M

Super Skinny High Jeans, R429, H&M

Skinny Regular Jeans, R629, H&M

Straight Ankle High Jeans, R629, H&M

Enamel Badges R79.99, Cotton On