As the weather gets nippy outside, it’s time to turn a thought or two to your plumbing. A little winterising and care can save a lot of pain down the line!

Most burst pipes occur due to water freezing in the pipe itself.

This leads to rapid expansion and ‘pop’… you have an expensive plumbing issue on hand.

If you have laid pipes for any form of pool, garden feature or irrigation system, make sure the pipes are either well insulated, or you shut off the water supply during the winter months so there is no water standing in the pipes.

Don’t forget those ‘on roof’ solar geyser pipes exposed to the elements and hose pipes that won’t be in use!

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Save a few bucks over the cold period by insulating your geysers too.

A ‘geyser blanket’ is an economical-, simple-to-install product that can save you noticeable amounts on your bill each month.

You may also want to turn the thermostat in your geyser down a little – it won’t be noticeable to you, but will help you pinch pennies to use on heating instead.

Winter needn’t be a drag on plumbing, no matter the age of your house, with a little foresight and preparation.