Have you heard of ‘lagom‘?  It means “not too much, not too little” and, when it comes to the home, it’s all about creating a peaceful space

Inspired by the Swedish way of living, interpreting the lagom trend in your home is all about creating a balanced home.

Here are a few ideas on how to embrace this trend:


Get rid of unwanted furniture and décor accessories.

Ideally, create breathing room between furniture items so that it easy to manoeuvre around every room in your home.

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“Uncluttering the home does the world of good for the soul, strange as it sounds, but it helps to de-stress and contributes hugely to feeling a sense of calm and ease,” says Alon Sachs, co-owner of Mobelli Furniture + Living – South Africa’s leading furniture specialist.

Calming colours

If you’re thinking of painting, pick a calming colour for your walls, like white, off-white and light greys.

The same goes for furniture. Look for pieces in soft and neutral shades.

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Invite nature in

Create a balance in your home by opening the curtains, cleaning the windows and letting as much natural light into your home as possible. It doesn’t hurt to bring in a few plants.

“With lagom, we do everything in moderation, it’s not too much and neither too little. Instead; it’s just the right amount. With living simply comes decorating simply, which is the key to living well, just find what works for you,” Sachs says.