I have been reading the tabloids with fascination (and incredulity) this week, and my first thought was “Have these Markles no shame?”

But before we are too quick to judge the Markles (and perhaps Meghan too) as not being worthy of mingling with royalty, let’s not forget the massively embarrassing interviews given by Charles and Diana back in the ’90s…

Princess Diana admitted – on National TV nogal – to having numerous affairs during her marriage to Charles (which gave rise to rumours that Charles was not even Harry’s dad). Some of us don’t blame her: she married a man who promised in his marriage vows to be faithful, while still seeing his ex, Camilla, and continued to do so throughout their marriage.

Then there was ‘Camillagate’…

And what about the most memorable and cringeworthy episode of all: the ‘Camillagate’ tape. That phone call – between Charles and then-married Camilla – recorded and shared with the world, in which Charles expressed his wish to be a tampon so that he could “live inside her trousers” forever – ugh!

While Meghan’s dad seems to have been playing the media this week to get attention (and money), Diana and Charles did this too – for support and to each try and get the media on their side during their marital feud.

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Princes William and Harry have to live with the knowledge that their parents had one of the most public marriages – and divorces – in history, but we don’t doubt how much their parents loved them. Let’s hope that Meghan’s dad – who professes to love his daughter very much – will shut up and stop fraternising with the media – and put pressure on the rest of his family to do the same.