Fight food temptations by removing them completely from your home

An easy way to fight food temptations is to remove them completely from your home. Begin by clearing out your kitchen cupboards or the place where you stash your supplies of confectionaries. Note that this includes the places where you hide away those extra high calorie treats – you know, the ones that you don’t want to share with others!

Throw them away, donate them or simply give them away to others – do whatever you like with sweets and snacks that will increase your calorie count, just don’t keep them in sight and in your home else you may find yourself unable to resist the temptation to give in.

Opt for natural sugars

Opt to consume foods that have natural sugars instead, such as fruit. You can gain valuable nutrients that are great for the optimum functioning of your body. In addition, you may appreciate the sweet taste that natural foods have to offer. The larger the variety of fruit you keep at home, the better, as this will keep snack time interesting and more importantly, healthy too.

In addition, it will entice and motivate the rest of your family and those around you to eat healthy and nutritious foods too. This will further encourage them to avoid purchasing refined treats and support your weight-loss efforts even more!

Source: Brochure entitled ‘Understanding Weight Gain and Obesity’ by SA Sugar Association