Are you a proud kitchen whizz? This simple little trick may well revolutionise the way you use avocados in your kitchen – all it takes is a little ‘out of the box’ thinking…

We all gravitate towards cutting avos the same way – lengthwise.

Yet this leaves us inevitably grappling with the pit, which can be risky if your knife is sharp. Why not shake it up, and cut the avo the other way – across the short side?

It makes a remarkable difference.

As you cut directly above the pit, and pull away the whole of one side, the pit is hugely easier to remove.

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Plus, when you then cut your slices, you will get unique (and super-tasty) avocado rings.

If you’d like picture-perfect, uniform slices, simply snip each ring in half.

Avocados make a delectable addition to a wide range of dishes, and they’re great for our health too. With this nifty little trick to make your life easier, you have the perfect excuse to incorporate more of this healthy fruit into your daily diet – no questions asked!