Air cleaning tools are often recommended for households where asthma and allergies are a problem. So you’d think they’d take over the duty of keeping dust off your surfaces, right?

Not quite.

Your air cleaner is sized to filter a small area – such as, typically, the bedroom.

This means it won’t actually see the largest quantity of your household dust.

 Sadly, you’ll still need to break out the cleaning tools pretty regularly, unless you’re running one in every room.

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It’s important to remember that other tools – even that HEPA recommended vacuum – will also kick up dust as you clean, so if you’re trying to cut down on allergen exposure for a family member, be sure they aren’t in the room when you start dust-busting.

It’s usually a good idea to dust from top to bottom to ensure you don’t end up re-cleaning the same dirt from different surfaces.

Round off with the vacuum, give it a good few minutes to settle, then one last wipe of your glossy surfaces should be all it takes for a clean, dust-free home.