Bread (and other more simple carbohydrates) have come under fire recently as one of the main reasons people are becoming larger and larger over time…

And while there may be some truth to the idea that many of the foods people are eating in unregulated portion sizes are simple carbs, this is hardly reason enough to chuck the baby out with the bathwater.

Here are five helpful tips for you to make sure you’re getting your wholegrains AND losing weight at the same time:

1.     Make sure you’re not being cheated

Ever wondered why there are so many different brown breads in the supermarket? I mean, if it’s brown bread, then it’s the healthy type right? Well, not so fast.

Most brown breads are simply white bread with some additional colouring ingredient. To get the healthy brown bread you need to read the words on the ingredient list. The word ‘whole’ should appear before the type of grain if it’s really a good-quality loaf. Remember, read the INGREDIENT LIST, not the marketing stuff on the package.

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