When it comes to stain removal, acting fast is key – the longer the offending stain has to set, the harder it is to get out in the end.

This simple, efficient stain removal regime will help you act immediately, with ingredients from your pantry, to ensure the best possible results…

Start by heavily sprinkling the mess with baking soda.

Don’t be afraid to work it into the stain – you want the powder to suck up as much as possible of the staining agent.

Then vacuum it away.

Mix one tablespoon of dish liquid with the same of vinegar and add to some warm water. Sponge the mix onto the remaining stain, working it into the fibres of the carpet gently.

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Blot away the mix.

Keep repeating – you’ll see the staining colour lift away with each application.

When you’re satisfied, apply one last round of baking soda and allow to dry before re-vacuuming to pep up the pile.

Presto – that stain is a thing of the past!