Common places where germs can lurk

Germs are everywhere, however, they thrive in some places more than others! Many people assume that the toilet seat holds the most amount of germs, however this may surprisingly not be necessarily true.

According to Family magazine, research has shown that ‘your hand can host at least 3000 different bacteria, belonging to more than 100 different species.’ A scary thought, isn’t it?

There are many unexpected places that may hold a large number of germs and bacteria. Here are just a few of them.

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The supermarket trolley

Supermarket trolleys may have been used by hundreds of people during the week and sometimes even a day. Imagine how many people have touched the same handle as you have, some sick or with unwashed hands, others leaving germs behind that they may have picked up from elsewhere.

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Consider wiping the trolley handle before taking hold of it and be sure to give your hands a good wash when you get home. Avoid touching food, or your face, in the interim.

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