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This Mother’s Day, on 9 May 2021, I’d like a few gifts that money can’t buy…

Motherhood doesn’t leave much time for sleep, relaxation or ‘me time’ – let alone a decent shower!

In fact, most days, I walk around with one eye open, wondering whether the difference between day and night even matters anymore.

Showers are rushed, meals are gulped down, my hair is thrown into the easiest hairstyle possible and its just go, go, go! I usually don’t stop for one minute – which is why, this Mother’s Day, I’d like a few gifts that money can’t buy… like sleep, peace and quiet, AND to be able to eat a meal from start to finish in one, relaxed sitting!

1. Sleep

Glorious, uninterrupted sleep! I want to sleep in and take a long, lazy nap (or two).

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I would also like to be excused from those random, middle-of-the-night ‘I actually just need to make sure my mom is still here’ wake-up calls.

2. Can I have five minutes of peace and quiet, please?

I’ll settle for three.

When you’re a mom, a break is a break, regardless of what you do – and a chance to space out and just ‘be’ can feel like you’re sipping cocktails on a beach in Bali.

If sitting on the couch, watching the world (and kids!) pass me by is too much to ask, then five minutes of peace and quiet on the loo, in the shower or while I apply my make-up will do!

3. I’d LOVE the chance to be able to eat a meal, from start to finish, in (gasp!) one relaxed sitting

When was the last time you had both hands free to eat a meal?

For me, it was before my first child was born… in 2013.

I’d like the chance to sit down with a knife and fork in each hand, chew my food- and not gulp it down – enjoy the flavours and go for seconds if I want to.

And, while I’m being cheeky – I’d like to make my frazzled soul a cup of coffee, put my feet up and drink it while it’s still piping hot!

4. To be excused from booty call for the day

I know, I know…

Wiping bums comes with the territory – and, I’ve handled enough blowout nappy changes and potty training ‘oopsies’ to have it not even bother me anymore.

But, for one day, I’d like to pass the toilet-paper and wet wipes over to my husband – thankyouverymuch.

5. For time to slow down, just a little

“The days are long, but the years are short”.

I have never heard a line more true…

While the days tend to drag, (and most days I feel like I’ve lived 1 000 lives by noon), the years… well, they seem to fly by and I’m often left feeling like my babies’ childhood is slipping right through my fingers.

My children are only two and five, but I already feel like we’ve experienced so many ‘lasts’ of their childhood – ‘lasts’ that I wish, in the blur of nappies and sleepless nights, could linger for just a little longer.

So, for Mother’s Day, what I’d really like is; for time to slow down, just a little… so that I can savour those charging, rugby-tackle hugs, slobbery kisses and even that “one more bedtime story, please mommy!”.

Because, no matter how tired I am, being a mom is the best part about being me, and if I could, I’d relive every sleepless night, blow-out nappy and half-cold meal, if it meant that my children would stay my babies forever!



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