Hide a not-so-trim midriff with these tips on dressing to hide a tummy.

So you have a less than perfect midsection and you hate the site of your muffin tops oozing out or maybe youâ??ve noticed some weight gain on your belly and want to camoflague it. 

Whatever your reasons, check out this guide to dressing to hide a tummy and create the illusion of a shapely figure.

Dressing to hide a tummy

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With these clever tips and tricks you can minimise your belly in a few minutes. All it boils down to is making smarter clothing choices.

Donâ??t wear tight clothing over your belly

If you want to look stylish and highlight your strengths, it is best not to wear tops that fit tightly over your tummy. This will accentuate your tummy and draw attention to it. The same goes for belts.

Layer things up

Incorporate long cardigans or jackets into your wardrobe. These will slim you down by drawing the eye downward, making you look longer and leaner. Remember to leave the jacket or cardigan unbuttoned and choose one that ends below your hip for a flattering look.

Try this long-length cardigan, R399, Utopia; this blazer, R139,99 Mr Price or this waterfall cardigan, R69,99, Mr Price.

Add some empire waists

Dresses or tops with an empire waist line can be your best friend as they highlight the thinnest part of your body – giving you a fabulous silhouette.

Draped and ruched details are an excellent option

Tops and dresses with ruching, draping, darts and pleats drape softly over your tummy minimising its appearance. Solid colours or vertical stripes will make you look even slimmer.

Try this draped sleeveless top, R399, Relish; this draped metallic black dress, R399, Linx or this kaftan, R69,99 Mr Price.


Donâ??t add added bulk to your tummy area

Avoid tucking tops and shirts in as it makes your tummy look bigger. Also steer clear of pockets and other details around the stomach as they add unwanted bulk.

Leggings and tunics

Leggings can be your best friend – fitting comfortably around your belly and slimming it slightly. Add a tunic style top and youâ??ll look fabulous.

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