Kangaroos that have become addicted to carrots and other foods unnatural to them are attacking tourists in eastern Australia, prompting warnings from lawmakers and experts, local media reported on Wednesday…

Thousands of tourists have been catching trains from Sydney to the grounds of Morisset Psychiatric Hospital, where kangaroos, one of Australia’s most well-known and beloved animals, can reliably be found grazing.

Tourists ignore warning signs

But many tourists are ignoring signs warning against feeding them, which is illegal in Australia, and the animals are growing to like the unnatural foods they are being fed.

“If they see a carrot and they’ve been fed a carrot 100 times before by a tourist, then they’re going to come up and take that carrot,” Andrew Daly, an animal keeper at the Australian Reptile Park in Sydney, told broadcaster ABC.

Shane Lewis, who makes his living as a shuttle bus driver for tourists between the hospital and the local station, said people were “getting kicked and scratched at least every day.”

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“The kangaroos see at least 2,000 tourists a week and they don’t need 2,000 carrots or bananas and bread, chips and biscuits,” Lewis said.

“I’ve even seen some silly people feeding them McDonalds, KFC, corn chips, oats and there are some foods they are very aggressive for.”

ABC posted pictures of tourists with gashes to their faces, stomachs and arms.

Greg Piper, a local MP who has raised the issue in the New South Wales state parliament, also warned tourists not to cuddle wild kangaroos.

“There’s a high risk that someone’s going to be severely injured,” he told Sydney’s 2GB radio.

Author: ANA Newswire