If you weren’t blessed with green fingers, there’s no need to worry, these indoor plants are extremely forgiving and impossible to kill…

Indoor plants add instant life to a dreary space and we think the more there are the better! But investing in plants only to have them die on you is devastating. Here are the indoor plants that are easy to grow and impossible to kill (with a bit of knowledge, of course…).


Aloes are hardy, don’t need much water and thrive in containers. But whatever you do, don’t overwater aloe plants – remember, they’re used to desert conditions and as such little rain. The less water you give them the better, and find a position inside that receives a lot of light or sun.

Bamboo palm

Bamboo palms might seem like they need a lot of care, but as long as you water them regularly and they receive enough light, yours will stay happy for a long time. Once established, a healthy bamboo palm will thrive in a pot – just ensure the container you choose has draining holes – bamboos don’t like soggy roots.

Beertje is always stealing all my pillows 🙄😌 but he sure looks cute next to one of my favorite plants Mister #bamboo (pet safe plant). Hope you all have a good long weekend plant friends 😘💚

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Jade plant

The jade plant is an indoor favourite, and for good reason. Being part of the succulent family it doesn’t need much attention. Keep the soil moist but don’t allow the plant to stand in water, also ensure that the soil drains well.

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Kalanchoes, with their clusters of petite flowers, can’t tolerate cold at all, so keep the plant in a cosy section of your home where it’ll receive plenty of light. Because it’s a succulent, your kalanchoe won’t mind a little neglect.


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Mother-in-law’s tongue

Also known as a snake plant, mother-in-law’s tongue is perfect for those beginning their indoor plant collection. Well-draining soil and a sunny spot are essential. Mother in law’s tongue prefers warmer temperatures and can tolerate direct sunlight. Whatever you do, don’t overwater it!



Peace lily

Peace lilies are amazing indoor plants and continue blooming for years if kept in a happy environment. They like humidity and warmth but do well in just about any space – avoid direct sunlight as the leaves will wilt if exposed for too long. Water often and spray the foliage with a misting bottle once a week. Bonus – they are incredibly efficient at removing toxins from the air.

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Philodendrons come in all shapes and sizes and love being indoors. All they need is enough natural light and a monthly dose of a balanced liquid foliage houseplant fertiliser. It’s important to let the soil dry out properly in between watering. Otherwise, this ultra-trendy plant is really easy to grow.




Hen-and-chickens or spider plants with their spiky foliage are great for bathrooms and smaller spaces as they like humidity and damp soil, but they can also tolerate neglect. They’re the ideal plant for hanging baskets and their offshoots can be harvested and propagated.


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ZZ plant

If natural light is an issue in your home, then the ZZ plant is for you. Having said that, the more indirect sunlight the plant receives, the quicker it’ll grow. Don’t over water and cut away any leaves that become yellow.


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